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  • Sausage Cream Gravy on Oct 09, 2022 in Sauces & Seasonings #breakfast #brunch

    In the South, cream gravy is made with milk. I don't make the rules. This gravy

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  • Pressure Cooker Weeknight Pot Roast Recipe on Oct 08, 2022 in Main Dishes #pressure-cooker

    For me, braised meats and vegetables are second only to soups and stews when the weather cools in Autumn. Using a pressure cooker for pot roast isn't as a good as the "proper" way, but makes the meal manageable on a weeknight. Using pre-packaged, ready-to-cook vegetables helps, too.

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  • Mediterranean-Style Fish Soup Recipe on Oct 07, 2022 in Soups & Stews

    I put this recipe together after looking at a number of different Medditerranean-style fish soup recipes online and in cookbooks. It's an early iteration and likely needs some improvement.

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  • Taco Meat Seasoning Recipe on Oct 07, 2022 in Sauces & Seasonings

    I use this seasoning mix for taco meat, chili, fajitas, and a surprising number of other things. It uses spices you

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  • Pressure Cooker Pumpkin & Pork Chili Recipe on Oct 07, 2022 in Soups & Stews #pressure-cooker

    This hearty stew features pumpkin, pork, chiles, and beans. It's among my all-time favorite recipes for soup season.

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