I'm Drew, and you've found my home on the Internet. This is where I collect stuff I've made or written and where I send folks to learn more about me. Please have a look around! You'll find my most recent stuff below.

Recent Stuff

  • Sausage Cream Gravy on Oct 09, 2022 in Recipes

    In the South, cream gravy is made with milk. I don't make the rules. This gravy

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  • Pressure Cooker Weeknight Pot Roast Recipe on Oct 08, 2022 in Recipes

    For me, braised meats and vegetables are second only to soups and stews when the weather cools in Autumn. Using a pressure cooker for pot roast isn't as a good as the "proper" way, but makes the meal manageable on a weeknight. Using pre-packaged, ready-to-cook vegetables helps, too.

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  • Mediterranean-Style Fish Soup Recipe on Oct 07, 2022 in Recipes

    I put this recipe together after looking at a number of different Medditerranean-style fish soup recipes online and in cookbooks. It's an early iteration and likely needs some improvement.

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  • Taco Meat Seasoning Recipe on Oct 07, 2022 in Recipes

    I use this seasoning mix for taco meat, chili, fajitas, and a surprising number of other things. It uses spices you

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  • Pressure Cooker Pumpkin & Pork Chili Recipe on Oct 07, 2022 in Recipes

    This hearty stew features pumpkin, pork, chiles, and beans. It's among my all-time favorite recipes for soup season.

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Drew Miller
Half ogre, half human, all dork (he/him)

Howdy folks! I'm Drew. I'm married to Deirdre and am a dad to 6 great kids.

By day, I help engineering teams do their best work and have their best careers, focusing on HTTP APIs, distributed systems, and developer tools & experiences.

On nights and weekends, I enjoy cooking, sailing, reading, tabletop and video games, and exploring wild places.